Many people become confused while trying to choose a chiropractor to see for their neck, back or other musculoskeletal complaints when confronted with the numerous forms of chiropractic adjusting that are available. Often people have heard from a friend or some other source that a particular chiropractic technique is “the best”. Bend chiropractors utilize many different forms of chiropractic adjusting and all of them have their benefits. So, if you are looking for the best chiropractor in Bend to address your specific needs, I will explain some of the most commonly utilized chiropractic techniques and some of their benefits to help aid in your decision.

“Traditional” or manual chiropractic adjusting frequently elicits a “pop” or cavitation when performed. Two of the most common forms of manual adjusting include Gonstead and Diversified techniques. These techniques have been utilized for many years and have been very effective for helping to restore normal joint function and relieve pain.

Instrument adjusting utilizes a handheld device that delivers a gentle rapid impulse to help restore normal joint function. Activator technique is the most commonly used form of instrument adjusting. Instrument adjusting places less torque on the area of being adjusted and can therefore be an ideal choice for patients that are arthritic, have osteoporosis or just prefer a technique other than manual adjusting.

Drop Table techniques can also be one of the more gentle techniques and require less torque or twisting when performed. At the same time as the doctor provides a small rapid thrust a section of the table that the patient is lying on drops approximately 1 cm. Drop techniques can be utilized throughout the skeletal system and are frequently a very effective technique for the lower back, hips and pelvis.

Flexion Distraction and Spinal Decompression techniques can be helpful in cases where there is a disc bulge or spinal arthritis. These techniques are sometimes referred to as nonsurgical decompression therapy. These techniques are a unique form of spinal traction with the goal of creating a negative pressure in the disc to help decrease the disc bulge in the hope of avoiding spinal surgery. As spinal discs begin to wear out and spinal joints become arthritic these techniques can also help unjam and open up a region providing relief.

All of the numerous chiropractic adjustive techniques have their benefits. Some chiropractors choose to utilize one specific technique only while others utilize various techniques within their practice. Hopefully the descriptions of some of the more common techniques above will help you in finding a chiropractor to best help you. Now, when performing a search for “Best Chiropractor Bend”, you can also review what technique(s) the doctors provide to help get you to the office that will best serve your unique needs.

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