Hip pain is a common complaint that can be caused by a number of problems. Muscles, ligaments and tendons can be torn, strained, sprained and bruised causing inflammation and altered function. The hip bursa can also become inflamed due to trauma or altered mechanics of the hips, pelvis and lower extremities. Arthritis within the hip joint can also lead to increasing pain and decreased function. A hip that becomes significantly uncomfortable can make many normal and pleasurable activities difficult. Walking, running, participating in a variety of sports, getting up and down out of a chair and even sleeping may become difficult due to hip pain.

Effective hip treatment can include ultrasound, interferential current, Graston myofascial technique, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises and various forms of home care including icing and/or heating. Chiropractic adjusting can be particularly beneficial for many hip conditions. One study revealed that 83% of the study participants who had hip arthritis obtained significant relief after nine treatments. Chiropractic treatments included in this study included a hip adjustment has well as adjusting the sacroiliac, knee and ankle joints when indicated to improve overall lower extremity biomechanics.

Assessing, and correcting, abnormal mechanics of the foot, ankle, knee, pelvis and lower back is paramount for many hip conditions. It is not uncommon for hip symptoms to be caused, in part or totally, from abnormal function of any of the leg or pelvic structures even though they may be asymptomatic themselves. Assessing and optimizing the function of the entire leg and pelvis, in addition to the hip, can help provide significantly improved short-term and long-term results when treating hip conditions.

Noninvasive natural treatment of hip conditions can help patients avoid the risks and costs associated with drugs and surgery. A Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician is uniquely trained to evaluate and treat many lower extremity conditions utilizing noninvasive treatment options. Contact us now for an adjustment or exam!

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